Website Support and Maintenance

support, Updates, backups & security services that protect your investment and brand.

What Happens If My Website Doesn’t Get Maintained?

Like any computer application or software, websites require updates and regular maintenance in order to work properly.  If your website isn’t properly maintained, a number of things can go wrong. E.g

• Site Could Get Hacked
• Slow loading Speeds
• Search Engine Penalties
• Develop Security Vulnerabilities
• Increase Bounce Rates
• Website Errors
• Website Crashing
• Won’t Load At All

What we do as part of our website maintenance package

WordPress Updates

WordPress requires frequent security and performance updates. Staying current will limit vulnerabilities and slowdowns while giving you access to the most current features.

Site Health Monitoring

Viruses, malware and hackers never stop. 24/7 monitoring ensures your site is safe all day and night. In the case of an attack, we’ll be alerted so we can begin fixing the issue.

Database Optimization

For sites with high traffic, a slow database will slow all website interactions. We’ll optimize your website database monthly to make sure it loads quickly so your visitors convert

Website Edits

Let us help you update your content, optimize images or publish posts with the 2 hours per month of included time that comes with all packages. More time available upon request.

Plugin Maintenance

We’ll frequently review your plugins for compatibility, vulnerabilities and updates, so you don’t have to. This will keep all functions of your site running as it is intended to do.


Backups will save your site if it gets hacked or breaks. Frequent backups stored on and off site give you confidence that your website will be safe should something unusual occur.

Monthly Reporting

Receive monthly reports that let you know what updates and scans we performed, service time used and helpful tips that you can use to improve performance or conversions.

Training & Support

Need to learn WordPress? Want to explore new features or integrations that will improve your site? Use the included 1 hour monthly for training, troubleshooting or problem solving.

Custom Options

If you manage multiple sites or one complex site with custom modules, plugins and widgets, we’ll create a plan for you. This is a great option for Ecommerce or complex websites.

Ready to get started on your website maintenance ?